You have just taken the first step to being a better planetary citizen.

It takes boldness to begin thinking in a different way. When you do, you start seeing options that were absent from a previous mode of thinking. This changes everything.

I can also experience the freedom that comes with practicing rational thoughts. By developping the consequences of theories and by elaborating on possible solutions, I can test optimal mental models. This is a place for such pursuits.

No enemy can absconce from knowing himself, therefore, so do you.

Human principles of cognitive-behavioral science, intelligence analysis, linguistics, and discrete logic may be used to a discretionary measure.

In this darkness, you must seek out the light wherever it seeks you.

  1. Concepts
    1. Concept of Purity
    2. Concept of Extravagance
    3. Concept of Welcomness
    4. Thought Experiment 1: A world without waiting
    5. Sonnets, sorbets, and socks
    6. Websites for the Soul
    7. Interesting Ted Talks
  2. Theories
  3. Psychological Science
    1. Sensation and Perception: What Makes You Experience Life?

  4. How Does it All Fit Together?
  5. Graphs, gloom, and God
  6. Analysis of Common Situations vs. Analysis of Competing Hypotheses
  7. Poetry and Language Logic
  8. Haiku

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